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Two Wings had been founded in 1999 delivering computation services like server housing and electronic data processing. As circumstances changed in the industry, the original business as a hosting company closed down in 2010. Two wings nowadays engages in research and development in different kinds of areas especially in the improvement of production processes by technological means.


We believe that peoples behaviour will not change in order to safe the planet. There may be a small number of intrinsic motivated people that are ready to give up a good part of the convenient life industrialisation has brought to them, and probably you can get most of the people to contribute a small part like waste separation. Anyway the only chance to reduce impact of mankind to the planets ecological system in a large scale will have to come from new technologies that are more efficient and can deliver to us the benefits of life in an industrialised nation without overcharging the resources the environment offers. We want to take our part and offer new and improved production processes to different industries to reduce input factors like energy and raw material. We know that our technologies will only be adopted by the industry if we offer them advantages beyond protection of the environment. And this is our great benefit: Reducing input factors always means reducing costs.


Name of Company: Two Wings, Inh. B. Carda
Business Type: Sole Proprietorship
Place of location: Laudongasse 12/10, 1080 Wien, Austria
Responsible Authority: Magistratisches Bezirksamt für den 8. Bezirk in Wien

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Mag. Benedikt Carda